Minutes for August 19, 2015

  1. The meeting was called to order at 6:35 by Co-President Kara Meents.

  2. Jen Kraft, Secretary, read the minutes from March 12, 2015.


Treasurer’s Report

  1. Jenny Leonard read the Treasurer’s Report.

  2. Current balance is $2,954.44.

  3. Most recent purchases include $150 worth of gift cards for the Walk-a-thon from the 2014-2015 school year.  There were two winners from GES and one winner from DES.  

  4. Jenny recommend that we leave $250 in the IWPTT account for this year’s start up.


Old Business

  1. Quite a few items were donated for the backpacks that the PTT raffled off at registration.

  2. $20 was raised and two winners received the filled backpacks.

  3. Ideas for next year include –

    1. Put names of those that sign up to volunteer with the PTT into a drawing.

    2. Collect donations and use money for school supplies for each building.


New Business

  1. An IWPTT table will be set up at each building during Open House.

  2. There will be new member forms, volunteer sign-up sheets, and information about the PTT.

  3. Trixie Pankey will also set up a table at DES during backpack and a snack.

  4. The goal is to get new parents involved and to fill them in on what IWPTT does.

  5. Boosters asked for four people to cover concessions at the first home football game on August 28th.  One person has volunteered.  Let Kara Meents know if you’re interested.  An e-mail will be sent out to all IWPTT members.

  6. September 11th is the Homecoming football game.  PTT is considering face painting again.  Kara Meents still has supplies from last year.  Katie Fowler suggested asking the Art Dept. at the High School if they have volunteers willing to help.  

  7. Ford Drive For Your School is also on September 11th.  We may end up splitting the proceeds with one of the High School classes that also signed up for the program.  The person test driving fills out a form that PTT will help hand out.  We are still waiting on more specifics.  Mrs. Rodriguez suggested that Mike Mansfield and Korene Scharp would be good contacts, as they have both participated in the event in the past.

  8. Sign ups were passed around for committee work and Parent/Teacher Conference meals.

  9. It was decided that $540 would be dispersed to each of our five schools.  This amount is almost double of the amount raised for each school last year.

  10. Kara Meents will talk with Dr. Dvorak about different ways to distribute the money for next year.  It was discussed that the PTT could consider letting each building make a proposal for how much money they would need and how they would use it.  The PTT would then vote on the proposals.

  11. The PTT would like to get more parents of older students involved.

  12. Brooke Wilms is willing to look into the cost of school supply kits.  PTT would consider selling these kits when registration packets go out.  The PTT also discussed raffling off three kits to PTT members that get involved.  

  13. The next PTT meeting is set for Wednesday, September 23 at 6:30pm.  At this meeting, we will vote on new officers and a new Co-President.

  14. The meeting adjourned at 7:15pm.


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