Minutes of March 12, 2015 Meeting

IWPTT Minutes for March 12, 2015

  1. The meeting was called to order at 6:30pm by Co-President Kara Meents.
  2. Jen Kraft, Secretary, read the minutes from December 4, 2014 .

Treasurer’s Report

Kara read the Treasurer’s report. We have $3,164.29 in our PTT checking account. The following events contributed to this amount:

  1. T-Shirt/Sweatpants Sales – earned $750 profit
  2. Basketball Concessions – earned $1303.00 cost $379.31 profit $923.69
  3. Spring Movie Night – earned $920.25 cost $226.24 profit $694.01

OLD Business

  1. T-Shirt/Sweatpants Sales made good money. However, there were problems with the order. Kara suggested we do these sales earlier next year.
  2. Basketball Concessions – Patrick Grant thanked PTT and offered to let us do the same next year. Kara suggested that PTT consider selling at girls’ games as well. Jenni McTaggart agreed that there was a need and sales would go over well.

NEW Business

  1. Ford Drive 4 UR School – Kara applied in February with Watseka Ford for the High School Homecoming football game.
  2. Discussed possibly doing Pizza Palace Pizza Sales at the high school during lunch on sloppy joe days, but we would need a volunteer to sell. This would be an easy fundraiser for PTT to include the High School.
  3. Gustafson requested we come up with a Box Top promotion for GES & DES. This would go from April 1 to May 15. Brooke Wilms suggested putting the principal on the roof if the school met a goal. Mr. Harkins was fine with the idea. Mrs. Gustafson will look into the past totals to help set a new collection goal for each school. She also noted that Danforth Elementary may just end up having monster truck races at the end of the year as their reward. This event is already booked.
  4. Harkins suggested PTT look into having a dunk tank fundraiser at Super Saturday or Old Boys’.

APRIL: Spring Carnival Update – Jen Kraft reported that we’ve collected a lot of donations for the raffle table and are in a pretty good place. We do have a few monetary donations that have not been spent (mainly because Walmart donated 2 bikes!) that will be given directly to the carnival fund. Doc’s Drugs Color Sheet – Jamie Eden will let Kara know if Doc’s will do it again. Teacher Appreciation Meals – Trixie noted that we’re in good shape. A lot of parents signed up to help out when they registered their child for school so there were less spots to fill.

MAY: Walk-a-thon Dates: GES May 1st (May 5th Rain Date) DES Week of May 4th – 8th HS May12th (May 13th Rain Date). It was discussed that we may need volunteers to come to schools and count money collected. Students collecting $30 will get a T-Shirt (possibly ones that were printed on the incorrect shirts from T-Shirt Sales at Christmas time). Every $50 collected will get students a ticket to enter a drawing to win a Visa Gift Card or possibly a pool pass to the Onarga Pool. Brooke Wilms will contact Kira about the pool pass. An American Girl doll was also discussed as a potential prize for any of our events. Jenni McTaggart mentioned that if it has been 7 years since we qualified for a doll, we may be eligible again. Mom’s Night Out moved to Friday, May 29th at Inside Out in Gilman – $75 rental fee. Anything raised in ticket sales beyond that will be profit for the PTT. Tickets will be $10 ahead of time for $15 at the door. Volunteers are needed to sell tickets, provide water, appetizers, and desserts. Kara will send an e-mail out to members to sign up.

AUGUST: Registration Table – Kara suggested we do something to make PTT more noticeable at registration. Kara will e-mail Mr. Keigher about possibly moving our table into the gym. Also discussed having a drawing for a family pass to IW sporting events.   Also discussed raffling an American Girl doll in Raider wear at registration or Old Boys’ and including new member forms at the table.

SEPTEMBER: Open Houses – hand out new member forms. DATES: GES & DES October 8th, Middle School September 3rd, Thawville September 10th.


Kara suggested sponsoring 1 student per sport by donating a fee to the league. We will have to look into our By Laws. Trixie suggested donating to IW Post Prom. Discussion followed about who to donate to and where to draw the line beyond giving money equally to each school.

Adjourned 8:05pm


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