Minutes 12.04.2014

IWPTT Minutes for December 4, 2014

  1. The meeting was brought to order at 6:30pm by Kara Meents.
  2. Jen Kraft, Secretary, highlighted minutes from September 25, 2014.
  3. Jenny Leonard, Treasurer, reported that the PTT account had $1,147.17. However, we still need to pay Heather Frank for the apples and BBQ.

OLD Business

  1. Face-painting at IW Football Game raised $57.00. Noted that Caramel Apple sales didn’t net a profit.
  2. Parent/Teacher Conference Meals – GES, IWMS, and IWEUS sent Thank Yous.
  3. 188 students attended Movie Night. $769.95 collected. $644.45 profit.
  4. Family Reading Night concessions raised $141 profit.

NEW Business

December: Hoodie/T-Shirt/Sweatpants Sales – Costs were discussed on each item/Priced for Sale. Hoodie $16.50/$20.00, T-Shirt $12.50/$15, Sweatpants $18.00/$20. Iroquois Print designed the apparel. Orders need to be sent home as soon as possible to ensure delivery for Christmas. Order forms will be sent to DES, GES, UES, and MS. Iroquois Print will send Kara a PDF of forms. Goal is to send out the form on 12/05. Pick up date set for Monday, December 22nd from 4-6pm. All orders must be sent in by 12/10/14. No late orders will be accepted. Krissy mentioned that there is often a screen print charge. Kara said she would look into this. It was later confirmed that this cost is waived by Iroquois Print because we are an IW organization. Prices were also based on 25 pants and 30 shirts. Anything that is purchased over that will lower the price for the PTT.

January: Boys Youth Basketball Concessions at the Danforth Community Building – Two volunteers will be needed per event. Discussed having High School students possibly helping out to fill any openings at the end. Voted on and approved selling donuts, coffee, Gatorade, water, pop, hot dogs, pizza, and pretzels. Members present also discussed a Monical’s Pizza Fundraiser for January. For this fundraiser, a flyer will be sent home with students indicating the date and specifics. 20% of the total bill of families that present the flyer for that specific date will be raised. Kara will go on their website and make the needed arrangements.

February: Krispie Kreme Fundraiser. Send out note on February 16th for all students through middle school. Kara will go on their website and make the necessary arrangements.

March: Movie Night 03/06/15 from 6-8pm at the Middle School in Onarga.

April: Spring Carnival – Jen Kraft will be heading the Raffle Table. We discussed possibly changing the number of items on display, possibly including/replacing with baskets.   Members present also discussed the Doc’s Drugs Color Sheet Fundraiser and expressed an interest in doing it again this year. It was noted that money raised from last year’s contest may not have been collected yet. This will be looked into by Kara.

May: A third Movie Night was discussed, but there was concern that the month would be too busy to fit one in. This event will be put on hold. No date was set for the Walk-a-thon. Instead, it was noted that one date doesn’t look like it would be best for all schools (IWUES already held there event in the fall). PTT would be available to help as needed. Schools can contact IWPTT to line up volunteers, but PTT asks that each school organize other aspects of the event. Previous Walk-a-thon earnings were as follows: DES – $1464, GES – $3,164, MS – $2500 (Money was used to purchase a new projector, microscopes, Chromebooks for RtI, and items for the school store), HS – $1862. Mom’s Night Out set for Saturday, May 16th. Details will be discussed at a later date.

  1. The next IWPTT meeting date is TBD.
  2. Meeting adjourned.

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