Minutes for September 25, 2014

IWPTT Minutes for September 25, 2014

  1. The meeting was brought to order at 5:33pm.
  2. Jenny Leonard, Treasurer, reported that the PTT account had $1,641.47. $201.47 was allocated to purchase glowsticks for Movie Night and $1,640.00 was to be distributed evenly to each school. A total of $288.00 was set aside for each school. Discussed considering e-mailing schools to ask for proposals for funds/needs instead of evenly distributing. PTT will take a vote on this next year. Mr. Hawkins noted that DES spent their money on iPads and computer programs.
  3. Jen Kraft, Secretary, read minutes from May 14, 2014.
  4. Officers were elected for 2014/2015 school year. Krissy Rhodes and Kara Meents were elected Co-Chairs of the IWPTT. Jenny Leonard will continue her role as Treasurer and Jen Kraft will stay on as Secretary.
  5. Discussed committee sign ups and chairpersons for 2014/2015 events. Lisa McMillan will head Conference meals.
  6. Walk-A-Thon is not going to be headed by the PTT this fall due to time constraints. In the past, this served to be a good fundraiser and is likely to be run by the PTT in the future. Jenny Leonard suggested sending out info for a fall 2015 “Welcome Back Walk-A-Thon” with registration packets. Trixie Pankey also suggested sending membership forms with registration packets. Discussed possibly having students who raise a certain amount receive a t-shirt. Thawville is already doing their own walk/run this year because the PTT didn’t have enough volunteers to head it. Mr. Harkins suggested doing one in the spring. Filly Chavez mentioned that she would be interested in coordinating a future Walk-A-Thon with the help of KCC students from student activities, student councils, student boards, etc. She noted that these students are always seeking volunteer opportunities to give back and it would be a good fit because we already have a cooperative with KCC. It was decided that we would still try to set a date for a Walk in the spring. Possibly offering incentives for Top Sellers, such as iTunes gift cards.
  7. Discussed possible fundraising ideas. Kara Meents looked into multiple possibilities including:
    1. A Mom’s Night Out event at Inside Out in Gilman. Tickets would have to be sold in advance and the cost of each would be determined by the PTT.   A possible date would be October 18th, but there was concern that there wouldn’t be enough time to prepare.
    2. Iroquois Print would make “IW Mom” shirts and sell them to the PTT. PTT would then be able to set a new price for the shirts and sell them at local events.
    3. Krispy Kreme fundraiser – 50% profit. 25 dozen minimum must be sold. Volunteers would have to go to Bloomington for pick up. Application is online and order forms can be printed directly from the Krispy Kreme website.
    4. Ford Drive for Your School- PTT would receive $20/drive with a limit of $6,000. Discussed possibly hosting a drive during Old Boys.
    5. Sell cookies at games.
  8. Raelene Honeycutt suggested a Pay It Forward Auction
  9. Trixie suggested starting some social events for new moms/moms of kindergarteners to the district. Krissy suggested a Trunk or Treat.
  10. No date was set for Movie Night. Krissy will contact Mr. Ehmen for a few dates.
  11. Discussed whether or not we need volunteers to run concessions at Family Read Night. No decision was made.
  12. Discussed setting up a face painting table at IW Homecoming football game on Friday, October 3rd. Volunteers are needed.
  13. The next IWPTT meeting will be in November. The official date is TBD.
  14. Meeting adjourned.

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