IWPTT Minutes for May 14, 2014

  1. The meeting was brought to order at 6:05 by Krissy Rhodes.
  2. Jen Kraft, Secretary, read the minutes from February 19, 2014.
  3. Treasurer’s report read by Krissy Rhodes. $260 will be given to each building, which is up from $225 last year. This will leave $341.47 for next year’s IWPTT start up.
  4. Jen Kraft reported on the school carnival raffle table organized by the PTT. No totals were given yet, but overall it went well. Items that went over well were noted for next year. Discussed whether or not to include 25 cent items next year, as they didn’t go over as well. Mrs. Deb Talbert suggested keeping a few for those students that only have few dollars to spend.
  5. Trixie Pankey headed Teacher Appreciation meals. Building principals sent out thanks for all of the great food. Teachers who attended tonight’s meeting also expressed their gratitude.
  6. There is still no chair yet for BoxTops. Those interested can contact Krissy or Raelene, Co-Chairs of IWPTT.
  7. Discussed finding volunteers for 2014/2015 School Registration. PTT is looking for volunteers to help with table set up, work a shift for event sign-ups, and to put together new teacher baskets. Also discussed putting together a couple of backpacks filled with school supplies and raffling them off at the table. Krissy will be sending out sign-ups via e-mail. Considered having BoxTops sign-ups at registration table for parents willing to help cut BoxTops.
  8. There were no correspondences from teachers, principals, or staff.  
  9. Krissy will check PTT e-mails this summer.
  10. The next IWPTT meeting will be held in September. Official date TBD.
  11. Meeting adjourned at 6:20.

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