IWPTT Minutes for February 19, 2014

IWPTT Minutes for February 19, 2014

  1. The meeting was brought to order at 6:05pm by Krissy Rhodes.
  2. No Treasurer’s report available.
  3. Jen Kraft, Secretary, read minutes from September 26, 2013.
  4. Krissy thanked Sara Pree for her efforts with recent Pom Pom sales.
  5. BoxTops Chair Jenni  McTaggart is stepping down.  PTT is seeking a new chair.  Those interested can contact Krissy or Raelene, Co-Chairs of IWPTT.
  6. BoxTops Totals are as follows:
    1. DES Spring 2013 $454.00 earned
    2. DES Christmas 2013 $469.50 earned
    3. DES Jan/Feb 2014 $45.00 earned
    4. GES Spring 2013 $643.20 earned
    5. GES  Christmas 2013 $1,224.40 earned – Mrs. Denton’s 2B won honors of duct taping Ms. Fancher
    6. GES Jan/Feb 2014 $195.00 earned
    7. Trixie Pankey suggested having a parent sign up in each classroom at the beginning of the year to be responsible for cutting class BoxTops. 
    8. Discussed assigning an e-mail checker for PTT e-mail to ensure all e-mails are promptly addressed.  Kara Meents volunteered to check until the end of February and Trixie Pankey offered to cover through the end of the school year.
    9. Our last Movie Night was a huge success!  Co-Chairs Kara Meents and Katie Fowler are looking for more volunteers for upcoming K-5th Grade Movie Night (Friday, February 28th 6-8pm at IWMS Gym).  A one call now will be sent requesting more volunteers.  Discussed possibility of having High School students/groups help out with chaperoning Movie Night event.  Krissy Rhodes was going to look into this.  Heather Frank will be in charge of concession candy and food.
    10. The PTT is collecting items and monetary donations for the raffle table at the upcoming school carnival (Friday, March 7th).  A sign-up sheet for working at the raffle table will be sent to all PTT members via e-mail.
    11. Trixie Boma spoke about the e-mails she will soon be sending regarding Teacher Appreciation Week.
    12. The next IWPTT meeting will be in April.  Official date TBD. 
    13. Meeting adjourned 6:45pm.




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