Minutes from February 28th Meeting

IWPTT Minutes for February 28, 2013

The meeting was brought to order at 6:35 by Stacy Reed, Co-Chair of the IWPTT. Jenny Leonard, Treasurer, read the starting balance on the account which was $1396.10. After movie night, the ending balance is $1879.60. The previous minutes from January 24, 2013 were read by Secretary, Bonnie Bloomquist.

1. Movie Night: Total profit made after expenses was $483.50
2. Kiss the Pig: The profit from all three schools totaled $2,222 and was a huge success! The students and staff absolutely loved it!
3. Carnival: March 15th 6-8pm. Volunteer sign-up sheets have been sent out as well as pop and cake walk donation fliers to help support this family fun night and fundraiser. Jenn Kraft is continuing to collect basket raffle items and has a good start so far.
4. Walk-a-thon: Heather Frank will be meeting with the principals about incentives and who the checks are to be made out to. The fundraiser is set for May 1st at 2pm with a rain date of May 8th. The goal is $20,000
5. Teacher Appreciation: May 6-10th Sign-ups are going great. We need about 16 more people to bring food.
6. The next meeting is set for April 4th 6:30pm at GES.

Meeting Adjourned at 7pm by Stacy Reed.


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