Meeting Minutes 1-24-13

IWPTT Minutes for January 24, 2013

The meeting was brought to order at 6:33 by Heather Frank, Co-Chair of the IWPTT who also read the Treasurer’s report. The current total balance of the IWPTT account is $1007.03. Family reading night brought in $211.46 after expenses. We have also received $10 from recycling. The previous minutes from Oct. 25, 2013 were read by Secretary, Bonnie Bloomquist.
Movie Night: After all expenses, the profit made from the Nov. 2 movie totaled $399.07. The next movie night is scheduled for Feb. 1 at 6:30pm featuring Hotel Transylvania. A more efficient and effective way to sign kids out was discussed. It was agreed upon that when a parent signs their child/children out, the volunteer will mark their hand so that there is no confusion. There will be monitors at the door checking hands to ensure they were signed out properly before leaving.

Box Tops Update: So far, Danforth has generated 5,000 box tops, Gilman 9,300 and Thawville 600. Feb. 14 is the target date for the winners to “kiss a pig”!

Carnival: Is set for March 15 from 6-8. Teachers would love for the PTT to do another basket raffle this year. Jenn Kraft will head that up again.

Walk-a-thon: All of the principals are on board. We will check to make sure May 1st works for all the buildings during school hours. Each school’s monies raised will go directly to that school. We are coming up with potential incentive ideas on how to motivate each school to raise money for the event especially at the high school and middle school levels.
Our next meeting is Feb. 28th at 6:30 in the GES cafeteria. The March meeting has been canceled and changed to April 4th.
Correspondence: Mr. Keigher would like to have a law enforcement speaker come talk to the PTT about school safety

Meeting Adjourned at 7:11pm by Heather Frank.


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