Minutes from January 26, 2012 Meeting

Minutes from January 26, 2012 Meeting

Meeting was called to order by Heather Frank, co-chair of the PTT.  A treasurer report was given by Jenny Leonard.  The current balance of the PTT account is $1630.60.  The November 4th movie night brought in $882.07 ($716.75 after expenses), Family Reading Night total was $407.25 ($255.16 after expenses), basket raffle totals were $768.00, and Pom Poms sales are currently  -$138.00. 

 1.  Old Business

  A.)  Movie Night

      -Movie night was held Friday November 4, 2011.  A profit of $716.75 was made.  

  B.) Family Reading Night

      -Family Reading night was held Thursday November 17, 2011.  The PTT sold BBQ, hot dogs, chips, nachos, water and juice boxes.  A profit of $255.16 was made.

 C.) Box Top Promotions

   -Jenni McTaggart updated the PTT on the previous Box Top Promotion.  There were 6 winning classes in Danforth, 10 in Gilman, and 4 in Thawville.  Each class had to collect a minimum of 500 box tops.  Winning classes were rewarded with a PJ day and movie.  Jenni stated that the promotion for the spring contest will begin February 1st.  This competition will be a “building” effort with each building trying to win a prize to be determined by each principal. 

 D.) Conference Meals

 -Trixie Pankey shared that Parent/Teacher Conference Meals were a success and several thank you’s had been received.

 2.)  Spring Carnival

 A.) The date for the 2012 IW Elementary Carnival has been set for Friday April 13th, 2012.  Committee sign up sheets were passed around.  Jen Kraft and Rachel Zick volunteered to co-chair the raffle table, which the PTT organizes.  It was decided that different priced items should be available at the raffle table.

 3.) Poetry Alive

 A.)  No date has been set as of yet.  The PTT will still organize a snack.  There may possibly be 2 nights of Poetry Alive this year (divided with 2nd/3rd)

 4.) Movie Night

 Movie Night will be held Friday Feb. 24th at 6:00 p.m at the Onarga Middle School.  Possible movie ideas were:

                                        -Puss In Boots       -Dolphin Tale

                                      – Rio                      -ZooKeeper

 Emails will be sent out as a reminder to those who have signed up.

 5.)  Bags Tournament

  A.) A possible bags tournament is being organized for the spring.  As of the meeting, no date had been set.  Current dates being discussed are Sunday afternoons in April/early May.  The tournament would be held at the Onarga Middle School.  It was decided the tournament would be geared towards high school and up age group.

 6.) Pom Pom Sales

 -Pom poms will be sold at the JV/Varsity game on Friday Jan. 27th.   Volunteers were assigned time slots.

 7.) Future Meeting Dates

  The next meeting of the IW PTT will be held Thursday Feb. 16th at 6:30 at GES.  Current March meeting date had not been set at the time of the meeting.

 8.)  Family Fun-a-Thon

 Jenni McTaggart spoke about the Family Fun-a-thon which will be held 2/12/12 at Olivet.  She stated it is a fun experience for the entire family with several activities going on. 

 Meeting was adjourned at 7:30 by Heather Frank.


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