Minutes from February 16th Meeting

A meeting of the IWPTT was held on Thursday Feb. 16th.  Meeting was called to order by Heather Frank.  Previous meeting minutes were read by secretary Heather Kocher.  Treasurer Jenny Leonard updated members that the current balance of the PTT account is $1706.50.
I. Movie Night 

-Movie night will be held Friday Feb. 24th at the Onarga Middle School for grades K-5.  The movie shown will be “Puss In Boots”.  Volunteers were reminded to bring a flashlight.
II.  Box Tops
-There were updates on the spring Box Top promotion.  Number set for each building are as follows:
      Danforth – 3500 Box Tops
      Gilman Elem. – 7000 Box Tops
      Thawville  –  3500 Box Tops
Each building that reaches the goal will be rewarded.  Current “prizes” include an assembly on antibullying for Danforth and Gilman, while Thawville plans to use their money towards their end of the year party.
III.  Spring Carnival
-Rachel Zick (co-chair of the Carnival Raffle) updated the PTT on the status of the raffle table for the Spring Carnival.  Several donations have already been received.  Anyone wishing to donate, may drop off donations at McMillan Insurance in Gilman.
-Cash Donations would be greatly appreciated to buy bigger items (such as bikes) that have not been donated.
-Color coded tickets will be used
An update will be given at the March 29th meeting.
IV.  Poetry Alive
 Poetry Alive will be held at the following dates:
  3rd Grade – March 26th
  2nd Grade – March 27th
The PTT will not need to serve a snack as they have in previous years.
V.  Pom Pom Sales
 – It was discussed selling a portion of pom poms to the carnival store to be sold at the Spring Carnival.  They may also be sold at open houses and various events next year.
VI.  Teacher Appreciation Week
 -Teacher Appreciation Week will be May 7-11.  Trixie Pankey will send out reminder emails as the dates approach.  She also volunteered to help with “Thank You” cards for the elementary schools to do for their teachers. 
VII.  Disbursment of Funds
  -At the current time, each school will get roughly $400 from the PTT.  Possible ideas included helping fund field trips and gym equipment.  Principals should ask teachers for a wish list.  Members were asked to come up with more ideas before the March 29th meeting.
Meeting was adjourned at 7:35 by Heather Frank.


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