Minutes of October 2011 Meeting

A meeting of the PTT was called to order on October 27, 2011 by Heather Frank co-chair of the PTT.  Previous minutes from the September 22 meeting were read by secretary Heather Kocher. 
I.  IW Basket Raffles
  -Basket Raffles were held during the open houses for Gilman Elementary and Danforth Elementary.  During these two open houses, $623 was raised.  The total (including Thawville) was $775.  It was decided that the raffles should take place again next year.
II.  Box Tops
 -Currently a Box Top promotion is being held.  It will be held through the middle of December.  Each class to reach 500 box tops per class, will be rewarded with a movie day/Pajama day.  At the time of meeting current Danforth totals were:
                          PreK (am) – 350
                          PreK (pm) – 200
                          Kind. A – 250
                          Kind. B – 350
                          Kind. C – 350
                          Kind. D-  500
It was also noted that someone should be checking local businesses for box tops and also check the boxtop website for promotions.
III.  Fundraising
  1.) Bingo in the Park in Onarga sign up sheets were passed around.  It is to be held Oct. 29th from 9-2.
  2.)  Movie Night
      -Movie night is set for Friday November 4th.  The movie showing will be Cars II.   Workers should show up at 5:30.  Sign in sheets will be typed by last name.  Items sold will be candy, popcorn, wather, and glow bracelets.
  3.)  Winter Bags Tournament
    -Mr. Keigher volunteered himself and Mr. Bloomquist to be in charge of this.  Dates and availability of a gym were to be checked.
IV.  Family Reading Night
   -Family Reading Night is to be held November 17, 2011.  The PTT will be selling concessions from 4:30 – 7:30.  It was noted that high school helpers should try to be found to help assist with these concessions.
V.  Parent Teacher Meals
   -All food for Parent/Teacher Conference Meals should be sent to respective school by 4:00 p.m.    The dates are as follows:
  Nov. 3rd :  Gilman/ Danforth Elementary Schools
  Nov. 2nd:  Gilman High School, Thawville, and Onarga
*Trixie Pankey will be sending out reminders to all volunteers
VI. Spring Carnival and Future Meetings
 The IW Elementary Carnival is set for sometime in March.  More details will be discussed at the next meeting.  The next meeting was set for Thursday Jan. 26, 2012 at 6:30 p.m.  Meeting times for Feb/March were not decided upon at the meeting.
Additional Information:
 Rachel Zick suggested opening an account at the Recycling Center in Crescent City.  People would be able to donate their profits to IW PTT. An ad in the Paper was also suggested.
Meeting was adjourned at 7:15 by Heather Frank.


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