Minutes from July 28, 2011 Meeting

Meeting was called to order by Heather Frank, co-chair of the PTT at 6 pm. The following was discussed:

1. Registration (Aug. 3rd 7-11, 3-6)
-Sign ups were discussed and filled to work the PTT table at IW registration. Box tops will be collected during registration through the first week of school. Each student with 25 box tops will receive a raffle ticket. Local donated gift certificates will be the prize for the winning raffle ticket to be drawn sometime during the first week of school. Trixie Pankey and Krissy Rhodes volunteered to give an informational speech during Kindergarten meet and greet to inform parents of the PTT and give them an idea of our activities.

2. New Teacher Baskets
– A “welcome” basket for new teachers to the IW school district was discussed. There are 7 new teachers to the district this year. Ideas for the basket included: Hand sanitizer, Post It Notes, Kleenex, Raider Shirt, Water Bottles, a welcome card from the PTT and local business information from the Chamber of Commerce. These baskets should be ready by August 22nd (the teachers first day to report).

3. Pom-Pom Sale
– Sarah Pree filled the group in on the pom-pom fundraising sale. Cornerstone Cafe in Onarga has agreed to be the sponsor for the coupon attached. It was decided the pom poms should be sold at at least one football game (Homecoming) along with at least one basketball game.

4. Open House Basket Raffle
– It was decided that raffle baskets for Danforth Elementary, Gilman Elementary, and Thawville Upper Elementary would be assembled and raffled off during Open House (October 6, 2011). Possible themes included a Raider Basket, Chocolate Basket and Crayola Basket.

5. Fundraising Ideas
– In addition to the pom pom sale, it was decided that the PTT would also run a BINGO at the Onarga Fall Fest (scheduled for Oct. 29, 2011). Sign up sheets were passed around for this event. BBQ and hot dogs for Family Reading Night was also decided upon as another fundraising event. Other possible fundraising ideas included sandwich sales at soccer regionals, movie nights for K-5, and a scrapbooking day.

6. Sign-up Sheet
The following sign up sheets were passed around and will also be available at registration:
-Bingo in the park
-Basket Raffle at Open House
-Parent/Teacher Conference dinner
-IW Carnival
-Movie Night
-Pom Pom Sale
-Family Reading Night (November 17, 2011)

The next meeting was tenatively set for September 22 at 6:30 p.m. Meeting was adjourned.


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