Minutes of September 23, 2010 meeting

Iroquois West Parent Teacher Team
Minutes of Meeting
September 23, 2010 @ 6:30

A meeting of the Iroquois West Parent Teacher Team was held on the above date at the above time in the GES cafeteria. Six officers were present.

The meeting was called to order by Heather Frank.

Minutes from the prior meeting were not available at the time. No report given.

Heather Frank reported that there is currently $861.55 in our checking account as of September 23, 2010.

Guest Speaker Dr. Dvorak was invited to speak about the upcoming Sales Tax Referendum and how it will support education. Dr. Dvorak stressed that although the Sales Tax rate would be increased by 1%, the assessment for Real Estate Taxes in Iroquois County would decrease. She stated the increase from the Sales Tax Revenue would help to pay off existing bonds and would therefore take the burden off the property tax owners and spread it out to all citizens of Iroquois County, regardless of whether or not they own any property. She also stressed the fact that a great deal of the Sales Tax Revenue in this community is generated by travelers stopping at the restaurants here as they pass through Gilman. Barb Monk spoke as well and then asked for the PTT’s support by walking in the Homecoming parade, spreading the word, and giving a financial contribution to help with advertising. A vote on whether or not to contribute financially will be taken later in the meeting.

Discussion was held on the pom-pon fundraiser. Heather Frank brought up the fact that parents are hit up for so many things to buy at football games right now, she wondered if one more item was possible. It was determined it is too late to get anything submitted in time for football, anyway, but that we may be able to do so for basketball season. Sarah Pree informed us all about how the fund raiser works in partnering with local businesses to put coupons on the handles. No action was taken.

Signe –up sheets were passed out to sign up for various events.

The basket raffles held during the open houses was discussed. It was mentioned that the Upper Elem. building had a good turn out and the Middle School participation was poor, but the GES and DES buildings had relatively good donations.

Ways to improve upon the current program for Box Tops and Campbell’s Soup labels were discussed. Jenni McTaggart and Trixie Boma offered to head up the efforts. One of the recommendations included putting boxes out at the local businesses to collect the box tops and labels. Jenni also mentioned the Target points and how to sign up for it when shopping at Target.

Rita Fink stated Lisa McMillan would like to request a replacement for her for the secretary’s position. Amy Tilstra offered to split the duty with another individual.

Movie Night is scheduled for Friday Nov. 5 from 6-8 pm. The movie is yet to be determined, possibly How to Train Your Dragon. The committee will handle all of the details. We need people to sign up to help that evening.

Family Reading Night is scheduled for Nov 18, 2010. We are responsible for snacks. We will try something different this year, as last year too much time was spent popping popcorn. We will ask kids to bring a snack into school and then assemble bags of GORP. We did this last year for the Poetry Night snack and it worked well.

After a discussion of whether or not our By-laws would allow us to contribute to a campaign to pass a Sales Tax Referendum, Heather Frank called for a vote on contributing financially to the cause of the Sales Tax Referendum. A vote was taken by show of hands. The majority voted “No.” The group was, however, in agreement that we would help spread the facts as presented by Dr. Dvorak to the citizens of our communities. The By-laws will be reviewed.

Meeting adjourned.


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