Dear PTT Members:

On September 11th, during Gilman’s Super Saturday, the employees of IW Danforth and Gilman Elementary Schools will be hosting a garage sale on the west side of the Gilman Elementary Building. Any money gained will be used to improve technology capability in the two buildings. Our goal is to raise enough money over the course of the year to go wireless in both elementary buildings by spring. For our first money raising event, we are seeking sellable items that might draw generally $5, $10, or more dollars. Items that have sold well in similar sales have been TV’s, small refrigerators, chairs, lamps, etc. All proceeds will go to the Gilman/Danforth Activity fund and be used to purchase equipment necessary to reach our goal. We ask those willing to contribute items for the sale to bring them to the Gilman Elementary gym, Friday, Sept 10th, before, during, or after school up to 7:00 p.m. Items will be moved out to the west side of the building the next morning. Please do not send or drop off items before that date as, although we have added on, there is no room for such storage. Also, please realize that any items remaining after the sale will most likely be disposed of. Lastly, if you are willing to help with the sale that day, please email me back soon and I can set up a schedule. If you will be donating an item for the sale, it would be helpful if you would also send me an email listing the item to help those of us planning. This should be a great time – I look forward to seeing many of you and thank you ahead of time should you be able to donate and item or your time to help us in our effort. Don Keigher


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