Minutes from October PTT Meeting


Meeting Minutes

Thursday~ Oct. 22, 2009

Opening: The regular meeting of the P.T.T. group was called to order at 6:05 pm on Thursday, Oct. 22nd, 2009 in the Gilman Elementary cafeteria by Heather Frank, Co-President.

20 members signed in.

A. Overview of Secretary’s Report

The minutes of the previous meeting, Sept. 24th, 2009 were highlighted by Krissy Rhodes.

B. Approval of Treasury Report

The Treasury report was given by Krissy Rhodes. Currently the balance is $296.00. Onarga Womens Club gave a $100.00 donation.

C. Old business and Committee Reports

Dinner for Parent/Teacher conferences on Wed. Oct 28th.
Volunteer sign up at grade school~ volunteers still needed. Trixie will contact members to sign up.
Basket Raffle tables will be set up during P/T conferences

D. New Business

1. Social Committee~ see above. P/T conferences will be held this week and plans are up and going.

2. Website: Mrs. Muench has set up the website. Go to IW website-IW PTT. PTT also has an email address set up.

3. Broke into committees and further discussed up coming events

• Volunteer committee: Volunteers are still needed to work raffle table at P/T conferences.
• Social committee: Family Reading Night~ November 19, 2009. We still need help serving treats. Trixie passed around sign up sheet. Teachers have asked us to assemble goodie bags for Family Reading Night. Volunteers needed.
• Fundraising Committee: Discussed the basket raffle to be held during P/T conferences. Baskets were assembled to be raffled.

Adjournment: Next P.T.T. meeting will be Thursday, January 28, 2010.


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