September Minutes


Meeting Minutes

Thursday~ Sept. 24, 2009

Opening: The regular meeting of the P.T.T. group was called to order at 6:05 pm on Thursday, Sept. 24th, 2009 in the Gilman Elementary cafeteria by Jenni McTaggart, substitute chair.

36 members signed in.

A. Overview of Secretary’s Report

The minutes of the previous meeting, August 26th, 2009 were highlighted by Lisa McMillan.

B. Approval of Treasury Report

The Treasury report was given by Krissy Rhoades. Dues were collected and receipts were given out accordingly.

C. Old business and Committee Reports

Amy Tilstra reviewed the faculty and staff wants and needs.

D. New Business

1. Social Committee~ Parent/Teacher conference Food Night
Trixie Pankey and Jenny Leonard are coordinating this event.

2. Website: Mrs. Muench is developing this. Members of the P.T.T. will become familiarized and trained on this.

3. Broke into committees and further discussed up coming events

• Volunteer committee: 2 volunteers were set up to help in Danforth and Gilman. This committee will continue to meet at each mtg.
• Social committee: Sign up sheets for food night at Parent/Teacher Conferences was passed around for others to participate in
• Fundraising Committee: Discussed the basket raffle to be held during P/T conferences.

Adjournment: Next P.T.T. meeting will be Thursday, October 22nd


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